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NEED NEW CONTENT FORGE invites you to think beyond interior framing when it comes to the capabilities of Cold-Formed Steel (CFS). Yes, CFS may be ideal for interior framing, but there’s so much more to it. Not only can you construct wall panels, floor joists, roof trusses, and load-bearing walls with CFS – you should do it. Why? Here’s one example: CFS floor joists are pre-engineered (unlike their wood counterparts), which eliminates moisture absorption and the risk of termite damage or fire. Additionally, they are dimensionally stable and reduce on-site labor costs.

In the past few decades, CFS has been replacing other materials in various commercial and multi-family applications. When you partner with FORGE, we take a comprehensive look at your project and identify opportunities to leverage the advantages of CFS.


End-to-End Solutions

FORGE is your one-stop shop for structurally efficient, high-performance, cost-effective light-gauge steel and cold-formed steel buildings. We take care of every detail from design and engineering to panelization, installation, and shop fabrication. Cold-formed steel construction meets turn-key convenience at FORGE. We eliminate the costly delays and disruptions of subcontracting. With FORGE, you’ll enjoy greater productivity and superior results on every project – large or small.

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